Although a wooden fence requires careful maintenance and a potential refresh every few years, these are more than redeemed by their natural elegance and unpretentious prominence, blending well with your surroundings while aging gracefully.

Typically, wooden fences are made of wood of conifers, especially larch which characterised by high resistance to fungi and insects. While pine and spruce may appear less durable on paper, a high quality fence made of such materials can be used for decades. Keep in mind, though, that most types of conifers are highly resinous. The resin is removed during the drying process when it flows out as the wood volume decreases. If the drying process is carried out improperly or during long, hot days, the resin may appear in the already installed wooden fence, thus reducing the aesthetic appeal of the structure.

As Bicesters high quality fence contractors, we know that the most durable and desirable of domestic wood species is oak. It works very well in difficult conditions, for example, in contact with the ground or water. Exotic wood is also used for building fences, however it has a much higher price and you have to wait a while before the material is shipped as it is usually imported upon request.

Over time, natural wood such as Oak ages gracefully and takes on a silvery-grey colour but even the most durable species should be properly taken care of in order to maximise their lifetime. Many of the measures for taking care of wooden structures include decorative and protective preparations. In addition to protecting quality wood against external factors, they give it the desired colour and emphasise the pattern of the grain. There are a wide range of colours, allowing the less sophisticated timber to imitate precious species. Fencing impregnation can be used as varnish coatings and is applied to the elements prior to assembly. Every three to five years, depending on the preparation used, it is necessary to maintain a wooden fence. Wood can also be protected with a special oil, however, the procedure must be repeated – ideally once a year.

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