If you are looking for professional fencing contractors, garden decking and landscaping services in Bicester and Oxford, DMFences are here to provide you with all the advice and assistance you need to arrange your perfect outdoor surroundings.

Company Profile


Choose from our great range of garden fencing, ball stop fencing, vinyl fencing, aluminium fences, chain link fences and an extensive selection of commercial and bespoke gates. We offer a great variety of services from, both for individual customers and large-scale companies. Looking for reliable fencing contractors? Don’t hesitate to contact us .


We can construct a decks to suit area with sloping, or undulated. We use only high quality wood. Of course, extra services like:  handrails, split level decking, patio decking, balcony decking, deck posts and caps and pergola, joists & bearers are also available. Please, contact us, and we will advise you, as a most experienced decking contractors.


DMFences manufactures Garden Buildings in all shapes and sizes. W specialise in garden sheds, workshops and summer houses. We can make bespoke bike storage and animal housing and any other wooden Garden structure you can think of! We are able to manufacture heavy duty, commercial or farm sheds at very competitive prices.

Fencing Services

Decorative Panel Fence 5

Panel Fencing

Overlap Fencing Panel is a perfect budget solution for any garden or outdoor space. It’s considered one of  the fastest fencing installation without making a mess in your garden.

Feather Edge Fencing

Feather Edge Fencing known as Close Board fencing are traditionally used for boundary screening. When fitted together they make an make an extremely sturdy and durable fence.

Eco Fencing

Eco fencing known as PVC fencing is the ultimate solution for whom wants to forget about fence maintenance! Eco fencing is a plastic system witch is the most lightweight and sound blocking.

Picket Wood Fencing

A Picket Wood Fence it is a very traditional style of fencing and perfect option to protect or mark out gardens. Picket fencing is also budget appropriate and contemporary garden fencing solution.

Concrete Fencing

Concrete fencing it’s ideal for anyone who want’s to ensure the minimum possible fence maintenance, incorporating it with the longest lasting and durability fence you could built.

Country Fencing

Country fencing is popular on farms and country gardens, boarding your property and protecting your animals, pets and landscape but most importantly is the price.

Why us?

Service quality

DMFences stands not just for excellent quality, but also for uncompromising service excellence.


We blend skills and creativity, combining two extraordinary factors to improve the way the garden looks.

Competitive Pricing

Efficient service and wholesale material prices give us an opportunity to offer you a competitive price.


We provide guarantee for all our services, which period depends on the its type. Our job is also covered by limited lability insurance.

20 Years Experience

Practical knowledge and professionalism are some of the major factors that our team gained after 20 years of woodwork.

Great Support

Customer service is a top priority for us here at DMFences, and we want to quickly resolve any issues and respond for any questions.

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